2014 SGI 61st Annual Scientific Meeting

                  March 26 - 29, 2014
                      Florence, Italy

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SGI Policy on Abstract Withdrawal (07102013)


Abstracts for the Annual Scientific meeting of the SGI are submitted in the Fall and reviewed by early December of the year preceding the meeting. Successful contributors of such abstracts are notified by e-mail of acceptance weeks before the scheduled meeting. In rare instances, abstracts are withdrawn by the authors, sometimes without prior warning to the Program Director.

While such withdrawals are for reasonable cause in rare instances, it is incumbent upon the lead author or sponsor to inform the Program Director in writing before the meeting that the abstract is being withdrawn.

Such actions allow the Program Director to alter the format and/or position of presentations as soon as possible.

In the event that notification of withdrawal is not received before the meeting and a “no show” occurs without just cause, the Program Director will inform the SGI President, Council and the Chair of the Program Committee of such a breach of protocol.

Having investigated the breach within 30 days of the meeting’s end and found no justifiable reason for it, the SGI Executive Director will impose the following sanction:

An individual found to be in breach of these rules will be prohibited from submitting an abstract to the annual meeting or serving as an abstract co-author or program moderator for a period of twenty-four months (Two consecutive annual meetings).

This policy relies on the integrity of the authors and/or sponsors.


Signed this 10th day of July, 2013

Kelle Moley, MD
2014 President




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