2014 SGI 61st Annual Scientific Meeting

                  March 26 - 29, 2014
                      Florence, Italy

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Society for Gynecologic Investigation (SGI)
Mission Statement and Strategic Plan

August 10, 2006
Society for Gynecologic Investigation Strategic Plan
Values, Vision, Mission and Cornerstones

Values To achieve the vision of a great international research society in women’s reproductive health, we rely   on shared, deeply-held values that have molded our behaviour and guided our actions since the inception of the Society in 1953. These values reflect a dynamic, informed, connected, and responsive role in global society for a modern research organization that will lead change to optimize women’s reproductive health everywhere.

We Value

1. excellence in women’s reproductive health research, the fueling of creative investigation, and international presentation, peer-review and dissemination; 2. integrity, fairness, and the ethical principles of research built on a foundation of academic freedom, open inquiry, and the pursuit of truth; 3. the centrality of our trainees, inspiring and challenging young minds to take on the most difficult challenges and exceed the accomplishments of those who came before them, providing them an intellectually superior environment, and supporting by every means possible their development as tomorrow’s leading scholars and practitioners; 4. a diverse, global, collegial and engaged community of scholars, practitioners, and stakeholders that share ideas openly, welcome change, seize opportunity, and work cooperatively to improve women’s reproductive health; 5. pride in our tradition of discovery, the contributions of our investigators and trainees from around the world, and our achievements that enrich and distinguish our Society.


To inspire the creative investigation of the most important global problems in women’s reproductive health through outstanding achievements in discovery, reviewing, reporting and transferring new knowledge, training the scholars of the future, and working collegially with practitioners and stakeholders to build one of the world’s great international research societies.


Within a vibrant world-wide community of scholars, practitioners and stakeholders, the Society for Gynecologic Investigation discovers, reviews, reports and transfers new knowledge through creative research and training, community integration and partnerships that improve the reproductive health of women everywhere. The Society for Gynecologic Investigation is taking a leading role in international scientific society innovation and in so doing provides a strong voice for issues of women’s reproductive health and places them at the global forefront.


The strategic vision of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation is built upon the foundation of these four cornerstones

  • the SGI is a transformative society, leading in organization and in quality of science in women’s reproductive health;
  •  the SGI is international in its membership and scope of women’s reproductive health research;
  • the SGI invests in the development of researchers in women’s reproductive health; the
  • SGI connects the communities it serves.
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